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My Prayers

                                   David Saks

I was sitting here having a cup of hot chocolate on this cold Memphis morning thinking of things to come.

This past year has been a great challenge for so many of us.

Perhaps the greatest.

For our friends, our families, our loved ones, our colleagues, our clients, our customers, our communities.

Most of us realize by now that our beloved country is ravaged with economic catastrophe and millions of our fellow countrymen face great uncertainty when the sun rises.

Divorce, illness, bankruptcy, foreclosure and heart wrenching despair is causing many unfortunate and wonderful people to abandon hope, give up and lose faith.

Many feel as though nothing will turn out well.

Mental anquish, and pain causing distress and worry, has become pandemic.

The housing market is seeing very tough, new challenges placed in front of it, such as the tightening of income ratio requirements for loans and the requirement of substantially larger down payments for investor properties, since it's been said that some of the highest foreclosure rates occur among this category.

The same can be said for existing home sales in many areas.

Many wake up with dread in the wake of the new day and must contend with a vague, unpleasant emotion that is experienced in anticipation of some usually ill-defined misfortune because of rumor or of the negative judgment of our business that's not founded on proof or certainty.

It's anxiety at it's worst for many.

They live with a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity.

Drive and motivation are tragically extinquished.

The state of depression has become so severe for so many that clinical intervention is required to help those in need.

My prayers are for our country, our communities and our loved ones this sad day.

I'm praying and asking the Lord for guidance for all of us and that we find the strength to love and care for each other in the days and years to come.

May God bless all of you this day, and may the Lord help you realize your dreams and hopes for a better future, and strengthen your heart so that you may find the love and courage to do good in all that you do.


(in view of the gulf disaster and other terrible tragedies affecting our nation, I wanted to re-post)

David Saks

Time&Temp Memphis

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May God bless you.

Comment balloon 21 commentsDavid Saks • June 07 2010 11:44AM


David, This is a great post! I know you have so many wonderful things to say and this shows it. My prayers are joined with yours and may we all hold our hopes and dreams up in the lords prayer.

Posted by Chip Jefferson (Gibbs Realty and Auction Company) almost 12 years ago

Times like this should make all of us appreciate what we do have and how we can improve over the next year!

Posted by Richard Shuman, Real Estate Broker - Orlando Area - Love Referrals (The Only B.S. I Have is from the University of Massachusetts) almost 12 years ago

Great post David,

In these difficult times we must remain as positive as possible. We also need to reach out to others that we notice struggling and help lift them up too!


Posted by Betina Foreman, Realtor, C.N.E., with WJK REALTY (WJK Realty) almost 12 years ago

David thanks for the words of encouragement.  I know I need them and so many more do. 

Posted by Gary Miljour, Mortgage Originator NMLS Licensed in AZ and NC (American Financial Network, Inc. NMLS#207208) almost 12 years ago

David, I just said this one:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.  Amen.

Thank you


Posted by Bo Hussung (Bell Title /Triserv LLC) almost 12 years ago

Thank you, Laura, for your kind words. Financial recovery will be difficult for many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of good people, their families and their children. It's something we can't ignore.

Posted by David Saks ((retired)) almost 12 years ago

Indeed, they should, Richard. Many thanks for your thoughts. Hope this is a fine week for you.

Posted by David Saks ((retired)) almost 12 years ago

Thank you, Betina. It's very hard to be strong because of the terrible depression facing so many. But we will be. Our community of great professionals will lead the way. Active Rain is a fine place to find encouragement for many among us because of the many leaders working together to find solutions to serious problems crippling a nation.

Posted by David Saks ((retired)) almost 12 years ago

Thank you, Gary. I want to stand proudly with our Active Rain members to meet these challenges, and rest assured that better days are in view for all of us. I know that they are.

Posted by David Saks ((retired)) almost 12 years ago

Always glad to hear from you, Bo. Thank you for your excellent thoughts and beautiful prayers, for all of us.

Posted by David Saks ((retired)) almost 12 years ago

Hello David-You are a really cool guy. I love this post. I love your spirituality. That is so awesome. Your compassion for others is very evident in what you had to say in this post and I can tell that God is alive and well in your heart. God Bless you




I can tell you really like hot chocolate. That's cool! Still no marshmallows. Did you get the one I sent you last night. If not I'll send them again. Enjoy. Sorry I can't send you the real ones.


Posted by Pat Whitehouse, Broker/Owner (RE/MAX 1st Olympic Lynchburg Va) almost 12 years ago

Thank you, Pat. It's great to hear from you. I'm more in touch with the mortality of our planet than I've ever been. I'm hopeful that love and laughter from the populace around us will bring a fine new day. Active Rain is a place for many of us to share our business concerns, our hopes, our dreams, and our sorrows. The universe appears to be infinite, and if we compare our problems to the relative size of it they're not so great as we think they may be.

Healing begins with love. Brokenheartedness is the result of the loss of faith. We have to restore the love for, and the faith in, our country. Otherwise we'll become a desolate island, ridiculed, scorned, and rarely trusted again by other countries we share this spaceship with that we call Earth.

Thanks for the marshmallows.

Posted by David Saks ((retired)) almost 12 years ago

David-Wow! Your comments are so awesome as well as your posts. AR is a wonderful place and what I still find truly amazing is how you can connect with someone via a blog on a computer and getting to know them from what they write. I look forward to getting to hear more from you. I really enjoy what you're writing. I hope you get some marshmallows soon for that hot chocolate. It's gotten colder here so the hot chocolate taste good and helps warm me up. Talk to you again-Hope you've had a great day.

Posted by Pat Whitehouse, Broker/Owner (RE/MAX 1st Olympic Lynchburg Va) almost 12 years ago

Thank you, Pat. The cold nights are right for the warmth of good friends, everywhere.

Posted by David Saks ((retired)) almost 12 years ago

Well said, Pat. Thanks for sharing this.....

Posted by Rich Jacobson, Your Kitsap County WA Real Estate Broker (Fathom Realty West Sound) almost 12 years ago

Hi David-I just had to come back to this post where I could leave you a comment. I just wanted to let you know how truly beautiful all your pictures are of the different animals. Truly incredible. I loved the post you just did

A Time to reflect and a time to Heal-I'm very glad you listened to your friend and posted that. So thought provoking.

I also wanted to tell you how gifted and truly talented you are. I read your profile earlier today. I think that is so cool. I enjoy chatting with you and I really love all your real estate math problems. I bookmark them to go back and look at them when time permits. I think you have many gifts to share with the lucky folks here on AR.  Keep up the awesome blogging and every now and then let us comment and say HI. You are a very inspiring man. God Bless

Posted by Pat Whitehouse, Broker/Owner (RE/MAX 1st Olympic Lynchburg Va) almost 12 years ago

Thank you, Pat. I'm very honored by your comments. May the Lord bless your heart this day, as well.

Posted by David Saks ((retired)) almost 12 years ago


Very well said.  For me personally the past year was very tough.  My faith was tested a few times, but I remain strong.

Posted by Richard Weeks, REALTOR®, Broker about 10 years ago

Thank you, Richard. I'm grateful for your kind thoughts.

Posted by David Saks ((retired)) about 10 years ago

David: Cheers for the uplifting and afirming sentiment in your post. Best wishes for an your situation as well.

Posted by Matt Grohe, Serving the metro since 2003 (RE/MAX Concepts) about 10 years ago

Thanks, Matt. Everything's ok on my soil. I've never had a problem guarding the garrison. It's my community, friends and their families that I'm worried about

Posted by David Saks ((retired)) about 10 years ago

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